What they say

François, PME Director - CA of 19 millions €

“Par son accompagnement sous forme de coaching de dirigeant puis de coaching collectif, Armelle a fait ressortir la substantifique moelle de l’entreprise et de ses énergies, ce qui nous a permis de prendre des décisions qui trainaient du fait de nombreux doutes :

  • deux nouvelles entités ont été déployées
  • une réorganisation de l’accueil des nouveaux embauchés a été instaurée
  • ma succession progressive s’est faite en douceur”

Cette nouvelle organisation a donné un nouveau souffle à l’équipe et à l’entreprise, d’autant qu’Armelle a su insuffler la responsabilisation des parties prenantes dans la mise en oeuvre de la nouvelle organisation.

Thao- Oil & Gaz Vietnamese Project Manager- Coaching Jeune talent

“My coach is a graceful lady with a warm look and a hearty devotion to the coaching journey with me. Somehow she became the first woman that I ever wanted to be one day (before that, I could only find male role models). The coaching with her was really enjoyable, I had her listening deeply and guiding a strategy to overcome my problems and rest assured that they would stay confidential. With her open mind, her cheerful approach, and the way she guided but not imposed her opinions on me, she is more than a professional coach, she did inspire me. Thanks for your time and your insightful feedback,” Thao

Wong - Responsable Exécution - Coaching de manager

“… your great works in creating the coaching community in Technip KL. You have done a fantastic job to create the awareness on how important is coaching especially in the office environment, and also to our Asian culture. I always took for granted knowing that you was around and I can just pop by to ask questions” Wong

Earn - Responsable Talent Management - Coaching en Leadership

“All the best to you Armelle! Your contribution to L&D and Talent management is highly valuable. Thank you very much for introducing & driving coaching in Technip Malaysia. This legacy shall be continued” Earn 

Dzul - Team Manager - Leaderhsip Coaching

“Yesterday I forgot something. You gave me many feedback on how talented and successful I have been with the Coaching Program. Ok my feedback will be because I had a wonderful and great teacher which is you, Armelle. You are able to give the impact within oneself. My success shows your success in developing new age coaches and leaders! Thank you. Cheers” Dzul

Linie - Adjointe de Direction Oil & Gaz - Coaching en Leadership et coaching personnel

I just wanted to thank you for helping me out. Actually I thought a lot about our sessions etc. And as a friend, thank you, especially for saving my marriage. Thanks for getting me out of a very dark place. I told my friends, you were my saviour” Linie