Leadership Coaching

``What brought you here wont bring you there`` M. Goldsmith

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Team Coaching Group (pair) Coaching

A project team needs to seal its vision, values and strategy to achieve the success of his project.

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Life Coaching

Some people may have to face a new challenge in their life: interview or oral exam as a student, career change, retirement, illness, expatriation, inpatriation, crisis .. . and they may not know how to face this step or dont progress as expected.

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Ajustée au plus près de vos besoins et du système dans lequel vous évoluez

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Global Coaching & Training

Armelle Stoltz

The coaching is Global as it addresses the main facets of the individual or of the team like: the personal facet, the cultural one, the psychological one, the professionnal one (leadership), the political one, the spiritual one, and the health part, depending on the client's need.

A powerful partnership based on change and achieving visible results

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