Armelle Stoltz
Founder and Director

Over 15 years in Human Resources, Automotive and Oil & Gaz industry.
7 years expatriate in Malaysia, 3 years as internal Coach
Mother of 3 teenagers
Fluent: French and English

Sens & Resonance 's Partnership


Know your coach

With 15 of Human Rresources expérience in the industry and changing environments, I was looking for more sense in my daily work. It has appeared clearly that coaching was the job I have always been looking for.

Helping, partnering with people in the developping and flourishing journey, for their personnal or professionnal purpose, has become a leitmotiv and a real passion to me.

The specific knowledge of evoluting organisations as a Human Resource Manager I have gained, the issues and challenges organisations managers and employees observed, the experience of expatriation or inpatriation, the intercultural environments in South Asia (diverse teams, organisations cultures, trainer in Gender Diversity program), have coloured my profile in a way to provide a unique approach, clarity and comprehension to my clients.

The ICF coaching practice is based on the strict ICF (International Coaching Federation) Code of Ethics (

My coaching style is “pur” and focused on the 11 ICF competencies, as:

– Absolute confidentiality,

– Mutual respect and confidence,

– Deep listening and genuine kindness,

– Powerful questionning,

– SMART actions buildings and progress measurement

The coaching end goal is to make you fly by yourself; the coaching end goal is to learn resilience.